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Within Renella we have some of the areas most enterprising and forward-thinking female workers around.

As hairdressers, we aren’t always looked upon as being business woman, most of the time you work within a business which is the salon, but the truth is really that each one of our stylists at Renella are their own business not because they may be self-employed, because not all are, but because they run a very busy column, they strive to provide the best service that they can, they develop themselves through training and look for marketing opportunities to make their business successful. What each one of our stylists are and have is a micro business with in a mother business that supports them to be the Entrepreneurs that they really are. That’s why at Renella you get fantastic hairdressers that are the best in the town, all creating amazing businesses making clients look and feel fantastic. We applaud them all and thank them for their amazing presence and achievement at Renella. We wanted to share a little more about each of them, so you get to know them better.

Sandra Thomson
The Consistent one.
Sandra has been with the salon now 30 years and has always had a steady stream of clients coming to her. The main reason is the level of consistency with Sandra’s service, day to day each client will receive a high level of service and a detailed cut or colour. Over the last 2 years Sandra has taken her service and pushed the boundaries to bring her clients even more, with these levels of change we expect Sandra to drive further and grow even more in the coming years.

To book a consultation with Sandra, call 01325 622185 using promo code 17ST.

Julie Rae
The Naturist.
With a wealth of experience and 30 years under her belt, Julie has a natural approach to hairdressing. The love of Nature and Organic ways, comes out into her hairdressing, with an effortless touch and in keeping with natural ways, Julie has always explored hair in the same vein. Styles and service finished with simplicity for clients to make lie as easy as possible sing the hairs natural fall to create looks that are timeless for clients.

To book a consultation with Julie, call 01324 622185 using promo code 17JR.

Laura Hill
The Developer.
Laura has been with Renella for over 15 years now and throughout her time with us she has never stopped pushing herself to become better and learn as much as possible about Hair and Service. This shows in her being the busiest stylist at Renella. Not only does she run a very busy column, she helps train our team and works away a lot on stage and photoshoots with Ross our salon director. Being one of our Master Colour Experts gives her clients the edge in fashion and looks which shows in the new clients coming continually through her door. Always looking or the next latest trend and styles to bring to her clients, Laura will always be a popular stylist at Renella.

To book a consultation with Laura call 01324 622185 using promo code 17LH.

Angela Fallon
The Detailer
With an amazing skill in long hair and attention to detail in long hair and foiling, this has brought Angela an amazing clientele base spanning more than 15 year now. Regularly in the salon you will see Angela working on brides and their parties or lots of clients going out for un evenings or Proms. It shows why she is so popular in the detail and precision that she brings to long hair looks. Not only has she got the skill of long hair but highlights/foils have the neatness and detail that we all want to see, making sue that all colours are beautiful without exception.

To book a consultation with Laura call 01324 622185 using promo code 17AF.

Gemma Knowles
The Fashionista
With an air of attraction and a smile to make you feel suitably comfortable in her presence, Gemma has a way of making you feel relaxed and at ease. Wondering into the world of extensions was an easy move for Gemma to make, after all her own style with beautiful long hair and the ability to turn any head into a glamorous look just comes naturally. You will always see a client leaving Gemma’s chair looking gorgeous, whether it be colour, adding extensions or purely just the finished style, she has a look of her own, a style, a fashion.

To book a consultation with Laura call 01324 622185 using promo code 17GK.

Danielle Thompson
The Colour experimenter.
Danii with 10 years plus experience in Renella has an ability to create some o the coolest and most creative colour effects on any client with thought and control always in her planning. Becoming a Master Colour Expert was a huge personal achievement and one that has made Danii one of the most south after colourists in Falkirk. With a unique mixture of colours and ability to create stunning colour effects, Danii is and will always be one of our busiest stylists/colourists at Renella, willing to share her knowledge with the team, we know that Renella will keep growing colour wise for many years to come and Danii will always be busy with colour clients wanting the latest looks or her individual touch.

To book a consultation with Laura call 01324 622185 using promo code 17DT.

Holly Nicholls
The Colourist.
Holly has the amazing achievement of Master Colour Expert attached into her name now, gaining great recognition with the award in 2017. Not only being an amazing Colourist in the salon Holly has always had a natural ability to create an amazing cut and style on the client with the added extra ability of colour. Giving her clients all the time they need with her, is one of her biggest traits that has seen her popularity and success just grow year after year. From the most complex jobs like bleaches and colour corrections, Holly spends the time meticulously over them to make sure that the results are exactly what she wanted to achieve. With 10 years plus under her belt in the salon, Holly has many colour clients to inspire for years to come. The team benefit in the salon with the experience Holly has, often learning rom her so they become better too.

To book a consultation with Laura call 01324 622185 using promo code 17HN.

Megan Docherty
The Designer.
Meg joined Renella looking or the training she hadn’t had, and within a short space of time has developed her skills and is now building a clientele base. Only being around Renella for a few years now Meg has steadily developed herself through taking part in all our in-house training, being mentored by our top team and now having spent time on the salon floor started to create her own image. We have found Meg to be the one that likes to get the salon into shape and helping us design looks like Christmas window displays and gift boxes. All of this shows the developing of style and designer tendencies which most good hairdressers will have.

To book a consultation with Laura call 01324 622185 using promo code 17MD.

Kirstie Allardyce
The Do-Er
Kirstie has just been promoted from Designer position in the salon to Style Designer. A fantastic achievement for someone so new into our salon. Over the last year Kirstie has shadowed one o our Directors in the salon, helping with their clients and colours gaining immense confidence and change opportunities which have helped her skill levels tenfold. Now with her own clientele base building and on the back of some amazing colour work se has a bright future ahead of her. When you ask Kirstie for advice or to help she will be the one that is there doing just that.

To book a consultation with Laura call 01324 622185 using promo code 17KA.

Rebecca Davis
The Careology expert
Rebecca has just become one o the first ever Careologists, this is a Wella qualification that she has been going through in 2017 and has been learning all about care products, hair and scalp with how they all effect your hair and how you can make hair way better by using the right stuff. His has lead to a massive surge of clients going to Rebecca for advice on hair issues and product knowledge which you will see running out in the salon and outside the salon more in 2018 with Rebecca heading this up. One of the most enthusiastic and caring stylist Renella has, this girl will be one to keep an eye on through the years. Rebecca already takes our team in care courses making sur we are all knowledgeable in what our clients’ needs from us.

To book a consultation with Laura call 01324 622185 using promo code 17RD.

Gemma Parsons
The Ambitious one.
Gemma is our newest stylist to hit the salon floor and is one o our Graduate stylist just leaving the academy, once she has competed her level 3. Gemma will then become a designer stylist and with the aims and ambitions already coming through we will watch with attention to see how far this young lady can go. 

To book a consultation with Laura call 01324 622185 using promo code 17GP


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