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Sanam Tandoori

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Sanam Tandoori Restaurant, in Falkirk's Callendar Road, is a family family-run restaurant that has been delivering the highest standard of Northern Indian Cuisine cuisine to Central Scotland since 1976.

The restaurant was founded and managed by Mr Mohammed Anwar until 1999, when he then passed the reins down to his sons; Nadeem, Waseem, Naeem and Azeem. but dad still enjoys stoppingHe still occasionally pops in, just to make sure by and making sure everything’s everything is running smoothly. ! They are a Falkirk based family and wanted to bring to Falkirk something it was lacking! The restaurant is the perfect venue for private and corporate events, from birthdays to, lunch meetings, romantic meals, and everything in between.

Their The main-focus over the years has been the family aspect of the business and personal service. The Anwar family come from Falkirk themselves, and wanted to bring to the area a real family-run Indian restaurant. It is their philosophy that the customer service aspect is just as important as the food, when it comes to running a successful restaurant. They take a great deal of pride in that fact that some of their customers have been dining at Sanam since the first week of operation, back in 1976, and have remained loyal customers for forty years. When customers walk through the door they like to get onare welcomed on a first name basis by the staff. One of the things that the staff enjoy most at Sanam is building relationships with the customers, and watching families expand and generations grow up before their eyes. with them and build relationships. Over the years, they’ve watched generations grow up before their eyes and families expand.

In order to keep up with the times, there have been a number of changes at the restaurant over the years. The decor and menus have to be regularly upgraded and modernised, but the biggest change came seven years ago when a huge renovation project doubled the restaurant's size to keep up with its ever-growing customer base. They have continually modernized the decor and menu to keep up with the times. Throughout the years there has been several renovations but seven years ago was the largest one, they doubled the size of the restaurant to keep up with their every growing customer base.

They’ve won several awards while they have been in operationThe restaurant has won several awards in recent years. In 2014, they won The the Asian Food Awards "Best Restaurant of the Year" (Central and Fife Region.) And just last year, they Sanam were was awarded "Restaurant of the Year" at the Scottish Curry Awards 2016. They were awarded this not for just a specific curry but their whole restaurant experience.This award was particularly special, as it was awarded for the whole dining experience, not just a particular dish on their menu. Undercover judges were sent in to curry houses all over Scotland, to rate the food and atmosphere. The owners at Sanam didn't even know the judges had been, until they received a receipt of their nomination for the award. It came as a bit of a surprise, when it was announced that they had won! The Scottish Curry awards sent in “secret eaters” to try the different curries on their menu and experience the restaurant atmosphere. They then sent in a receipt to let Sanam know they had been and what they had enjoyed and then they were put in the running for the award and were nominated the winners!
As most of us know, the internet and social media ratings are very important while pickingtools in choosing a restaurant. to eat at; Sanam has been rated Excellent 150 times on Trip Advisor, which shows just how popular it is with customers. ! Sanam They also offer their customers Sanam Loyalty Cards, where members are awarded points which can later be redeemed as discounts; as a member of their VIP Rewards Club for every £1 you spend you get five points, as well as this, members are also offered complimentary birthday treats and access to special offers.!

Sanam Tandoori Restaurant is open Monday-Saturday from 11.45-2 for lunch service Monday to Saturday, 11:45am until 2:00pm and is also open every evening of the week from 5:00pm onwards for dinner service. At lunch-time you can enjoy one of theirthey offer a set three-course meal menus for as little as £6.45, which is a great alternative to a boring old sandwich, and perfect for a business lunch or catching up with friends. ! There is something for everyone on the lunchtime set menus from pakora, to a chicken korma or maybe a lamb bhoona and much more, from old favourites such as pakora and korma, to something a bit more exotic, like Chamakchalo. A great offer to beat a boring sandwich at lunchtime and perfect for a business lunch or catching up with friends.
The modern restaurant is vibrant and has a great ambience to enjoy your favourite curry! But if you prefer eating in the comfort of your own home, then Sanam they also offer takeaway and delivery services. Sanam is the only restaurant that they know of inone of the only restaurants in Britain who use a taxi company and not delivery drivers to deliver their takeaways. They have been working with Express Taxis for the past twenty-five years and it has worked well as they are also a family business with similar business values. They choose to use taxi drivers so that their delivery time is never more than 30 minutes, no matter the volume. To themFor Sanam, it’s not enough to just get the food delivered; they want it to be there on time, still hot and still packaged well. Their customers service goes further than just the restaurant it goes to every aspect of their business.

The family have also just opened another business, Eskers, which is an ice cream parlour, Cafécafé, Patisserie patisserie and Gelatoteriagelateria! They opened Eskers this past April next door to Sanam; perfect for after you enjoy a meal.Eskers opened in April, and is conveniently located next door to Sanam, making it the ideal stop after your Indian meal. The ice cream is also available as a dessert at Sanam! They make the genuine Italian style gelato with the finest of ingredients daily on the premises and in their opinion it has more flavour than normal ice cream and is a lot lighter! It has taken a lot of work and travel to get Eskers to where they wanted it. They family travelled to Bologna, Italy, to meet suppliers and source ingredients and they have had Italians travelalso brought experts from Italy over to Falkirk to help them design the cafe, bring the equipment and train the family on how to make the delicious gelato.
They also sell sundaes, cookie dough, and coffees, and the ice cream from Eskers is also available as a dessert at Sanam.! It has taken a lot of work and travel to get Eskers to where they wanted it. They travelled to Bologna, Italy to meet suppliers and source ingredients and they have had Italians travel to Falkirk to help them design the cafe, bring the equipment and train the family on how to make the delicious gelato.
Not many family businesses can say that they have become an institution, but that's what the Sanam Tandoori has become in the Falkirk area, due to its continuing popularity with generations of customers. The Anwars hope that Eskers will soon join Sanam as a firm favourite and must-visit destination, and that both businesses will continue to welcome new generations of loyal customers for many years to come.

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