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Greig Avinou began his career in the travel industry when he was 16 years old earning £45 per week as a modern apprentice.

He knew straight away that this was his lifelong passion as he thoroughly enjoyed assisting clients to make their dream holidays a reality.

Greig’s career started moving from strength to strength as after only one year he was top sales person in the travel agency King World Travel Falkirk where he began his career. Then at eighteen years of age he was appointed to the position of Assistant Manager and then became a Store Manager a year later.

When asked to describe himself Greig says he is a self-motivated individual and his fast progression in his career is living proof of this. After remaining Store Manager for 3 years it was time to move on and at the age of 22 Greig opened his own travel agency with business partner Tina King where they opened Barrhead Travel Saltcoats, which spanned for 5 years.

In December of 2009 Greig opened his very own franchise of Barrhead Travel in Manor Street Falkirk and then because of growth relocated in 2013 to the current Falkirk High Street location.

Greig’s High Street store has been his biggest success yet. The store was com­pletely renovated so that as much of the store space could be used which includes expanding to the second floor to accom­modate more office space for his team of 23 employees. And with over 400 years of travel experience between them, they have the knowledge to cater to all their customers’ needs.

In a time line scale Greig’s success has happened seamlessly. Whilst running his own business , he has also became a hus­band and a step father to three children. In his free time he enjoys watching football, going to the gym and of course going on holiday where he can spend quality time with his family. Over the years his work life balance has improved. In the beginning he was working 7 days per week to make the business continue to grow, and currently he aims to work 5- 6 days a week to give himself a more balanced lifestyle whilst still very much being in the driving seat of his business.

Greig and his team at Barrhead Travel aim to exceed customer expectations and offer the best value for money on every holiday they sell. They offer all aspects of travel from flights, accommo­dation, foreign exchange and car hire, can choose the holiday of your dreams with the huge selection that Barrhead Travel have to offer.

There is something for everybody from low budget breaks to luxury holidays. Whether you would like an affordable weekend away, city break or a luxury tailor-made trip or a cruise holiday of a lifetime they have it all.

The difference from booking online and booking in store with Barrhead Travel Falkirk is the personal aspect that the staff will provide you with which is impartial, honest advice & recommendations. When you book online you aren’t speaking with some­one that has that personal knowledge of a specific destination or property. At Barrhead Travel Falkirk within the team they most certainly will be able to use their expertise and travel indus­try experience to all of their client’s advantage to give the best holiday experience that is possible.

Greig and his team aim to keep their customers for life not just for one holiday. They currently have a 70 percent repeat customer rate which is extremely high in this in­dustry. Booking through a travel agency may not necessarily cost you any more than booking online and you receive our expertise from the highly experienced local staff whilst having a High Street presence and also knowing that every holiday is fully financially protected.

Barrhead Travel Falkirk offers a relax­ing atmosphere from the minute you walk into the shop. Greig and his staff don’t want anyone to feel like they just walk in and are rushed out they want to take the time to offer the best service. From when you walk in the store you are offered a beverage of your choice, even a glass of wine if you wish. There is a VIP area to relax in or if you’re booking a honeymoon you can enjoy a glass of Champagne.

Greig describes his team of 23 as “one big happy family”. He credits the success of his franchise to his staff who he says are all amazing. He explained how usually in these type of work places you have a small percentage of excellent workers but in his shop he says all of his staff go above and beyond what is expected. Several of the staff began at 16; like Greig did. The most rewarding part of running the business is helping his employees succeed and train them up to excel to management level.

One of the major perks of working for Barrhead Travel is what they call in the travel industry “educationals” every two years members of staff are given the opportunity to go on an all-expenses paid holiday to travel destina­tions throughout the world that they offer to their customers. The staff will experience the full travel package from flights, hotel, and excursions in order for them to know exactly what they are recommending to their customers. This ensures they can give the best cus­tomer service and are capable of going the extra mile. Barrhead Travel staff are able to give genuine recommendations of not just hotels and excursions but restaurants and sightseeing so you can have the holiday of a lifetime and be completely in the know from the moment you land. All of Barrhead Travel Falkirk’s holidays are fully financially protected, to give their customers that extra peace of mind.

Greig says the key to ongoing suc­cess is continually asking yourself “What’s next?” Success to Greig is never settling for what you have done so far but constantly striving for more. What’s next for him is to continue to offer the best customer service, help his staff succeed and continue to give their customers their dream holidays. He has expanded his High Street Store to its full capacity but who knows what is next for Barrhead Travel Falkirk, with Greig at the helm!

Also growing for Barrhead Travel Falkirk is its excellent social media sec­tion of the business which provides many fabulous holiday offers which are available to look over at your conve­nience. Clients are attracted from near and afar with the fabulous deals that they are finding and social media allows Barrhead Travel to get these out to their clients in the quickest way.

Here are some of the feedback Barrhead Travels Page has been receiving.


“Fantastic help and service from Kieran, he couldn’t have been any more helpful with information and any questions that were asked. He managed to do everything that I was looking for in no time at all! It seemed to be no hassle for him to find out what I was looking for, even when I changed it a numer­ous times on dates, etc. Absolute perfect and so straight forward, will definitely be booking future holi­days with Barrhead Travel Falkirk/ Kieran again! Thanks so much again!” “The service in the shop is excep­tional. The staff do everything to get exactly what you want in a holiday to suit your own specific needs. They search to get the best available price. The atmosphere in the shop is great. They all work together as a team are very welcoming.” “Greig and his team look forward to continuing to grow from strength to strength whilst providing their clients with the best value for money holiday that is most suitable to meet each individuals requirements and look forward to welcoming you.”

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