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Caroline Robertson <br />Publisher/Sales Director

Caroline Robertson
Publisher/Sales Director

Caroline has worked in the magazine industry for 11 years with our sister magazines in the USA. She has a deliberate goal of doing what's right for her clients before attempting to earn money for the magazine. She is moved by enthusiasm for her work, her love for the magazines, and her confidence in the power of an advertisement in the magazines to help clients reach their business goals. Caroline wouldn't sell any client an advertisement unless she confidently believed that it was in the client's interest. 

By working to this ethos over the years has established solid relationships with ongoing clients in our USA Magazines who trust and enjoy working with Caroline very much, so much so when she moved back to Scotland in December 2015 her clients requested her to continue working with them despite the time difference and the distance.

Sophie Robertson Editor in Chief/ Sales/ Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Sophie Robertson Editor in Chief/ Sales/ Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Sophie is energetic and passionate about not only the magazines success but the success of local businesses in Forth Valley. Sophie has a Degree in Communications and is now pursuing her dream of working in mass media. Sophie worked as an intern for 3 years for 110° and 86° Magazines during her college years, in the USA, where she was able to work in all areas of the magazine, and is enjoying bringing her experience in America home to Scotland.


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